Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Life Drawings

So I've been taking a summer animation program at Capilano University to prepare for the portfolio I'll be sending to Calarts and some other animation schools. I was planning on posting every once in awhile during the course but that hasn't really been happening (as you can see:) ). Anyways I'm gonna do a big huge update right now with some life drawings I've done and some animations, but I'll separate them up into different posts, why, because I feel like it dammit >:| !!!!
Anyways here are some of the drawings I've done throughout July. I kind of like some of them, but I'm really scared that my portfolio won't be ready by December because I hate most of the drawings I've been doing. The class has been kind of traditional in the teaching approach to animation so I've been trying to experiment more ( aka disobeying the teacher) but I don't think I really have the hang of it yet:(. These are mostly just gestures since we don't get very much time to do longer poses, which pisses me off kinda. There's also a still life drawing in there. Here we go...

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