Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Today is

I thought I'd make a post for today, Canada Day, to show my patriotism:). Canada has an amazing music scene but i don't think it's very well known outside of the country. So I've decided to compile a list of my favourite Canadian bands. So if you're reading this, give these bands a listen.

Sam Roberts (he is a god of music, so I chose 3 of my favourite songs, but he has so many good ones! I saw him in concert in March and he was even better live:O) Them Kids

The Arcade Fire Rebellion (Lies) Intervention Wake Up (This was used for the 'Where The Wild Things Are' trailer so you may have heard it before Keep The Car Running

The Tragically Hip

Metric (They just recently released an amazing new album called Fantasies which both of these songs are from but the bands been around for alot longer than that so you should check out some of their older stuff too if you like these)

City and Colour

Alexisonfire (Dallas Green, from City and Colour, is in this band which is alot harder rock than City and Colour but even if you don't like the screaming in this band just give it a couple minutes and you'll hear the contrast of the two singers which is really cool) This Could Be Anywhere in The World

The Stills Still In Love Song (There's no music video for this one but this is the song put to some weird anime montage. Oh yeah it also starts off with a Rammstein song or something but that ends like 20 seconds in)

Mobile Little Bit of Love(This is the only video of this song on youtube)
Tegan and Sara (They're twins so they have really cool harmony, plus they're from Vancouver:D, most of the bands on this list are either from Victoria or Toronto.)

The Dudes Pretty Lies (I don't know who made this but it has kittens fighting!! HARDCORE!)

Rush (This band is very well known around the world but I put it on here anyways because theyre godly)
There are many more but I know this is already many more than anyone's actually going to listen to. The sad thing is alot of the Canadian music that does make it out of the country is absolute shit, (i.e. Avril Lavigne, Nickelback, Celine Dion).
Lol I posted way more than I intended so good job if you made it the whole way! Happy Canada Day!

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