Thursday, July 30, 2009

My First Animations

Here are some animation assignments I did at Capilano Animation throughout July. I just finished up a walk and run animation a couple days ago which I'll post tomorrow probably and I'm going to be finishing up my first dialogue assignment (which is animated to an audio clip everybody probably knows...but I'm not gonna say because it's a surprise) tomorrow which I'll also be posting soon, if all goes well 8-| ). I also have an older assignment that needs some fixing before I want to post it. This is my first time doing real animations since I've only done flipbooks with stickmen during 6th grade and a terrible flash cartoon I made in 9th grade.

In case you're interested (or if anyone's even reading this), here's the piece of crap flash I made in 9th grade...don't judge me based on this lol.

I'm pretty happy with my animations so far and so is my teacher apparently, I've gotten 100% on almost
my assignments except 1 or maybe 2 that i got 98% (I also have the highest mark in my class out of
26 students:D!). I don't think these are really portfolio demo reel quality but I don't really know so let me
know if you think I should include these in a demo reel when I apply to Calarts.

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  1. These flour sack animations are really great, you've got some great talent!