Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Very Belated Post on My Trip to Los Angeles

My mom, my sister, and I took a short trip down to LA at the beginning of September to go to Disneyland, D23 Expo, and CalArts. Unfortunately, my brother didn't come though because he's so busy at UBC :(. I'll start at the beginning though.

We arrived at the airport a little bit early so we decided to get something to eat. Since it was breakfast, we got doughnuts and Iced Capps at Tim Horton's (this is off topic but I saw an ad the other day for Timbit ripoffs and I got mad!). We were eating breakfast, and my sister started getting paranoid that we would miss the flight, so we started walking towards the security check and the security guard told us to chug our iced capps or throw them out:(. I chugged it and got brain freeze. We went through the doors, and there were customs officers EVERYWHERE! We hadn't noticed it was September 11th haha.

After we landed and got the rental car, we had to drive to my mom's friend's, from high school, house, where we were staying, in Pasadena. LA freeways are freaky(punny) many lanes -: ! We arrived at her house in the evening to meet her, after searching for an hour for the right street, and then we went out. She works at Disney(not animation) so she gave us a tour. After that she drove us by the Disney Studios, so I could see it in person:D!

Walt Disney Feature Animation(we didn't stop there because apparently they have high security or something)

My mom, my sister, and I outside the Disney Studios Gates (The picture got messed up :( )

The next day we went to Disneyland! So we found our parking spot, and I started rolling up the window...cept the window didn't roll up! Instead it came off the track and started jutting inside the car right where I was sitting. So we had to leave the car window open. That's why you get rental insurance kids! Luckily we did so we had to drive from Disneyland to the car rental place(near LAX) and back to Pasadena through a city we didn't know after leaving Disneyland at midnight! :D

I'd been to Disneyland when I was 8 but it was my first time at California Adventure, but it was kinda crappy. Here are some pictures.

On my second ride of Pirates of the Caribbean, I noticed this painting of a pirate that looked oddly familiar...

Then it struck me!

DAVID BOWIE'S HIDING IN DISNEYLAND AS A CROSS DRESSING PIRATE!!!...or as she is currently known, Mademoiselle Greenwell.

We went to the D23 Expo the next day and I saw John Lasseter in real life :D! They showed 2 clips from PatF, the Toy Story 3 trailer that was just released to the public about a week ago, a featurette on Winnie the Pooh, and production artwork and animation tests from Rapunzel, among other things. We weren't aloud to have cameras during John Lasseter's speech so I have no photos of it:(. Here are some pictures of the show floor though.

These were made entirely out of LEGO!!! I miss playing with LEGO:(

We could've stayed to watch Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D but we we'd overdosed on Disney at that point (my mom at sister at least), so we decided to drive down Sunset Blvd to Santa Monica.

The next day...I VISITED CALARTS!!

It's really awesome there! I know the people who critiqued my portfolio and showed me around won't be reading this but I just want to send out a huge thank you to all of them! They helped me get back on track after I had derailed. I believe I posted before about what they said about my portfolio so I won't repeat myself. The campus was beautiful but much smaller than I thought...which is good! I can only suggest that you visit the campus for yourself if you're seriously looking into it because it's not what you expect! It's different in certain ways, not at all bad! In fact it's better than I thought it would be! It's just that what you expect to be the things that make the school great, aren't what make it great. I think the best thing about it is that it has this energy about it and the people (even when the walls and cubes were practically empty) that I've never experienced at any other school before! I'll stop being all deep and meaningful though by showing more pictures! WOOT!

This is a music room but I thought it was really cool.

The Basement

The rental car (well our replacement rental) had a twin who loved him very much:).

I hope you like:)


  1. looks like you had an awesome time
    i still haven't gone to Disney land :(

  2. yea it was really great:D You can come visit me if I go to school there and we can go to Disneyland! It's the best place ever!

  3. OMG the basement looks scary it's all dark and covered in graffity lol. haha lizard. I miss disneyland :(