Thursday, October 22, 2009

Life Drawings (October 21, 2009)

Here are some drawings I did yesterday. I went to a session at the SFU Surrey campus which is only 1 bus and 2 Skytrain stops from my house! Normally to get to Capilano University sessions are 1 bus, 8 skytrain stops, and another bus away, so this is much better for me! PLUS, the session was only $2!!! The model wasn't the greatest though because she wouldn't stop moving her head to look around and moving her arms to scratch her faces etc. D:<

3-This is a perfect example of WHY I can't draw poses for longer than 7(ish) minutes! I finished my drawing early but it looked very I decided to make it distinct. And how did I decide to do this!? BY MAKING HER CRY BLOOD OF COURSE!!! Why am I such an idiot:(...?
4-I was trying to stretch the torso and make the head squished into the chest but I failed and it looks like a mistake. The colour isn't finished either. I posted it because despite those things, I kind of like it.
5-This drawing reminds me of something...oh yeah this thing: LINK

6Now that I've posted these though, I've noticed so many more problems.

Here's my final art project from Grade 10. I thought I'd post it because I'm proud of it...unlike these life drawings. I put probably at least 100 hours of work into it. The assignment was to paint a collage of your idol in monochromatic blue on a (approximately) 36"X24" board. I'm doing another one this year of Conan O'Brien I think.

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