Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pixar and Thrones

Pixar Canada opened today! And I also read today that Sony Animation and ILM are planning on opening studios in Vancouver too!!!

Here's a really awesome video they made for the opening. Hearing John Lasseter talk about where I live is just like when you're at a concert and the band talks about the city they're in and everyone's goes nuts:

In other news, I've been really addicted to a book series I've started called A Song of Ice and Fire. I just finished the first book, A Game of Thrones, a couple days ago and I rushed out to get the second one that night.

I haven't been this into a book series since Harry Potter o.O! If you like to read, read this!

Listen to this:

Malajube - MontrĂ©al -40°C I was looking for a song to use for my french music project and I wanted to use this one but my teacher would probly rage about some of the lyrics. So I had to settle for another song. But I still really like this one.