Saturday, December 19, 2009

NPD Portfolio Art Dump

This is the portfolio I brought to NPD to show to the CalArts representative. It's been about 2 weeks since I went to NPD but I've just been too busy, and lazy when I'm not busy, to post this whole thing. It was at Emily Carr where I had to wait 4 hours in line to see CalArts. There was only one rep there, and Samantha and I were the last people in to see him:D! Let's just hope that luck can carry over to my actual portfolio I send into CalArts in 3 days! I'll try commenting on what the rep said about whichever pieces I remember. I went kind of overboard and brough 70 drawings, but I figured there was no harm in bringing a bunch for the review. I don't like some of these very much but I decided to bring to NPD them anyways to have the widest variety I could show to see what THEY liked most. These are in reverse order, so scroll down to the bottom to see it in the order they were in when I showed them. I'm gonna cut this waaaaay down for my final portfolio (probably around 20 drawings).

57) Really liked. There are actually 70 but I forgot to count a couple pages as having multiple drawings.
56) Really liked.
55) Liked

54) I don't remember. I don't like it much though.50, 51, 52, 53) Don't remember. I'm gonna stop commenting on the gestures though because he seemed to really like most of them.
48, 49, 50) Don't remember.
47) Really liked
43, 44, 45, 46) AHHHH IT'S SIDEWAYS D:40, 41, 42) Liked
37, 38, 39) Liked (Sorry for the crappy picture quality)
36) Really liked
34, 35) Liked
31, 32, 33) Liked
30) Liked a lot.
29) Liked
28) Disliked for the same reason as 1 and 15. It's also a crappy drawing/painting lol.
27) Quote: " Now that's a woman!" Hahaha
26) Really liked
25) Really liked
24) Quote: " Haha that's weird!" What does that mean :S ?
23a, b) Liked
22) Didn't like.
21) I don't remember.
20) Ditto
19) No comment, I'm taking them out.
18) Liked very much
17)Liked very much
16) Liked
15) He didn't like it for the same reason as the 1st drawing.
12, 13, 14) I don't remember.
9, 10, 11) Like
9) Like
8) Like
7) He liked this one, I think, but I don't.
4, 5 ,6) He really liked these
3) He didn't like this one, nor did I but I brought it for variety:P.
2) He liked this one a lot, but I still want to crop it to fix the lean.
1) He didn't like this drawing (which kinda sucked since I chose it as my first drawing haha) because he thinks my more dynamic poses put these boring ones to shame.
Overall the CalArts rep seemed really positive about my stuff and he said I had a very competitive portfolio:D! It was a bit of a confidence booster, but at the same time I didn't know how strongly to take his opinion because he was the theatre school admissions advisor. He told me to just keep drawing though because I may come up with some really great stuff in the last month. So that's what I've been doing.

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  1. Haha they said that to me too when I went to visit and apply. Then didn't get in.