Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Lesson on Character Studies

I learned something today! If you're going to start doing cartoon character studies...DON'T START BY COPYING MILT KAHL'S DRAWINGS! He's always been my favourite...but I've just earned a whole new respect for him! Tomorrow I will try the Looney Tunes bunch.


  1. Don't start with tarzan either, I tried drawing him the other day, oh such a fail on my part. I didn't know Milt Khal animated Captain Hook? I thought it was frank thomas.

  2. OH yeah you're right! I tried Shere-Kahn awhile ago though o.O even harder. And that was Milt Kahl.

  3. LOL. Start where you are...at the bottom! Nice try though. :)

    I haven't tried drawing those guys before, and I'll spare myself the dissapointment for a couple more years...