Monday, November 23, 2009

My Poor Kitty :(

I had a terrible day today:(. I got up for school and was exhausted because I couldn't sleep last night. I got to school and slept during English class and then my French teacher was being a...meanie(trying to keep it clean:) ) like she usually is because she hates me since I always speak English in her class. That afternoon my friend and I started working on our art project of painting our history teacher's door. I was being a clutz and splattered black paint all over my favourite yellow sweatshirt:(. It's ruined now. Last block I had Physics class and the quiz was kind of hard but I worked my ass off on it because I was determined to do well (I got my first B of the year in Physics on the last quiz so I was mad>:( ). Anyways that's nothing compared to the news I got when I got home:(.

Lately my cat, Luke Skywalker :P, has been sneezing. So on Saturday my mom and I took him to the vet to get him checked out. The vet took a blood sample, gave him a shot and prescribed him some antibiotics to get rid of his cold. He told us he'd do some blood tests and he'd have the results in a couple days. So today when I got home my mom said she got the results back. She told me my cat has feline leukemia:(. Apparently it's like AIDS for cats, so his immune system is shot for the rest of his life basically. That means that if he gets sick at all, and we don't catch it right away, he could die:(. So now Luke's not aloud outside anymore so that he doesn't infect other cats and so he doesn't catch any illnesses. I feel bad for him because he loves being outside and he's been an outdoors cat for his whole life (he's 11). I was really upset after hearing this because although I know he's not in any immediate danger, he's one step closer to the thing I've feared for so long. :(

I don't know why I wrote this but I wanted to rant.


  1. Aw, I hope your cat stays well. It's always sad when a pet becomes ill.

    May the force be with him. =)

  2. thanks:) ive never had a sick pet before, ive only had them run away and get hit by cars:(. the force is always with him! hes the chosen one!

  3. Oh no, thats so sad! don't worry he'll get better for sure! I had a crappy day yesterday too not as bad as yours though. I woke up and fell down the stairs. Now I have this bruise on my side >:( I feel so bad for your cat, if that happend to my cat I don't know what I'd do. May the force be with him!!