Monday, November 16, 2009

Drawings From Last Week

Here are some of my favourite drawings from the last week. I went drawing 4 times. The Sunday session was with 2 female models dressed up in ringette gear. I didn't get any drawings I liked that day though because it was hard to draw the models fully clothed and on top of that I'd only had 3 hours of sleep the night before. I went see a triple feature on Saturday night with some friends. The 3 movies were Law Abiding Citizen (it's crap and avoid it if you can), Inglorious Basterds (I loved this one! Who doesn't like to see Nazis getting killed!? I think it's Tarantino's best movie after Pulp Fiction), and Zombieland (which was pretty great too). The best part was it was only $10:)...but I was hopeless the next day for drawing since the movies didn't end until 7AM. Anyways here are the drawings I mentioned earlier. A couple are portfolio contenders at the moment but I won't say which because I'd like to know what everyone else thinks without my input clouding their judgement:).

1) This one has coloured highlights but it's hard to see because this is a photo. The head's also too big:(.


I've also noticed how almost everything I post is life drawings so I'll try updating soon with some other stuff that's not so repetitive.


  1. The first one is really good, even if the head is too big. I dunno I think it looks almost like caracature. I really like 3 also, I personally would have shaded up the whole background (does that make sense?) instead of just a bit above the line because the thick line at the bottom sort of distracts from the figure. Idk my eyes always seem to go to the line but thats just me. I really really like it though :) 4 is also one of my favorites, I think you could emphasize the bend in the spine a bit more (if possible) but I love the shapes. Your stuff is so good!

  2. Thanks:). I've been waiting for a long time to finally hear compliments about my it feels really good. It seems like nobody's commenting on my stuff anymore though. I dunno if it's because I post too much and people stopped caring or if it's not good enough yet. so confused:(.

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  4. (What I didn't remove any post? so wierd..) anyways I basicly said: Don't worry they probably just don't know what to say, I mean you pretty much help everyone and seem to know basicly what you're talking about. They probably don't want to come off sounding stupid by saying stuff that they themselves aren't 100% sure of. At least thats what I do lol. I never like critiquing people who are much better then me because its like what can I say that they don't already know?

  5. maybe...i dunno. i feel like im in the middle ground. people make lots of comments when someones drawings are bad because its easy to critique them and they make comments when its really good to say they like it. since im neither bad or great theres not much for them to say i guess.

  6. yea I get what your saying, you should post some of your character designs/ caracatures, they're soo good and fun to look at. Plus usually if people see something different they'll voice thier oppinions more easily.