Thursday, August 27, 2009

Final Animation Assignments

So this was my last week in the Capilano Summer Animation Program (tomorrow's my final day) and I had a blast! The program was way more intense than I thought it would be which I liked alot but took a massive toll on my social life for the summer lol. If anyone is reading this and is looking for a summer animation program, check this one out because it was awesome! I've learned so much these last to months that I can't imagine how much I'd learn if I went to school for 4 years, at calarts hopefully:D!!! Anyways here are my final animation projects. I kind of had to rush on one of them to get something to show my teacher, but he wasnt marking them hard anyways, so it's missing some inbetweens and only the major keyframes have been tied down. Blogger is acting weird and wont let me embed youtube videos so ill just post the url link.

This was my final animation for my hand-drawn animation class and it doesn't look the greatest because some idiot turned night mode on on the pencil test camera and i didn't notice till i was halfway done filming and compositing the curtain overtop of the guy so I was too lazy to reshoot it. So there's alot of detail in the face that's hard to see :(.

This is the assignment I had to rush through. It was for flash class and we were aloud to animate whatever we wanted. I hate animating in flash using the cutout technique so I just hand drew it on the Cintiq in TV Paint. I think it will be alot better if i finish it .

I have a bunch of assignments from Design class that I'll try posting on the weekend.

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