Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's Been Awhile

So it's been 5 months and 17 days since I've updated this blog, to say it's been neglected is a bit of an understatement. I've been really busy with school this semester and I haven't found the time/energy to update with some of the work I've been doing but I'll try to post it all sometime during the break. In the meantime I'll post the link to our final design assignment where we worked in groups of 3 to invent an idea for a TV show and to create a model pack for the show. I was in a group with my friends Mike and Gemma and we had some bumps along the way but I really believe that I couldn't have been in a better group! Thanks guys! We originally all had certain tasks we were supposed to perform, but we all ended up doing some work in all areas. I was sort of in charge of the design and look, but like I said, we all helped out. Click the link!

Overall I've learned so much this semester! I'm having so much fun and I'm so thankful I'm at Capilano, I'm really building a great foundation to build on....but holy crap my class is talented D:! I have a bad case of little fish, big pond. I guess the biggest thing I learned this semester is that I tend to prefer my design assignments over my animation ones. Also, for design next semester our teacher is Kenny Park so I'm really really stoked because his work is AMAZING!

More coming soon.

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