Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Youtube Gestures

So I went to visit CalArts last weekend and I was told that my portfolio was headed in the wrong direction and that I needed to change course, and really focus on my drawing skills. I'll make a post later tonight, or tomorrow, about my trip to Los Angeles. It's taken me awhile to make a post about my trip because of school and stuff lol. For the mean time here are some structures gestures I've been doing every day for an hour or two off of youtube videos, of dancers, figure skaters, gymnasts and MMA fighters, because I haven't had the chance to go to a drawing session since I've come back home. The photos are really bad because the flash was blinding out the lines of the drawings so I had to use no flash which made them a little blurry and gave them a yellow discolouration. By the way, the first, 3rd and 4th pictures are sideways and I can't seem to fix them, sorry:(. Just tilt your head.




  1. i'd be really interested to hear what calarts had to say about your portfolio. i thought your style looked similar to some of the portfolios i've seen before, but a little less refined.

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  3. Ah. Looking at the rest of your blog I saw the problem. :) I'm a 2nd Year from Capilano by the way, if you're wondering who the hell I am. The other stuff didn't really show the structure of the people. This stuff here, on this post is excellent however - keep it up! This is exactly the sort of thing they're looking for, though it would be better if you were drawing these from a live model. I'm curious though.... if you're in Vancouver, why aren't you interested in Capilano's animation course? I know CalArts is good, but Capilano has an extremely prestigious rep in the animation industry and would probably cost less. We had a guest speaker in the other day who said that people in the industry actually get scared whenever a Cap' or Sheridan student graduated.

    If you want any portfolio constructive critique or suggestions, I'm here for you. It's because of some second years critiquing mine that I got into Cap, so I know basically what you should have in it.

  4. "Robert said...
    i'd be really interested to hear what calarts had to say about your portfolio. i thought your style looked similar to some of the portfolios i've seen before, but a little less refined."

    Yea I know what you mean, I thought the same thing before I went to CalArts but I was wrong lol. I heard these things from the students at CalArts, not the teachers and administration. But the teachers DID tell me that the most important thing the look for in a portfolio is solid drawing skills. By solid drawing skills I mean that they want to see well constructed figures that are structured in a way that they could be drawn from any angle using only the original drawing as a reference. They want to see this because it's crucial in animation! Words been going around for a long time that CalArts likes to see experimentation, which is true in a sense, but it's been taken way too far from what I've heard and seen. The problem is that people took the experimentation comment so far, myself included, that they started making these really unrealistic wacky figure drawings that, at times, lacked complete structure. You see alot of accepted portfolios with this stuff in it but from what I understand it's actually the more conservative type drawings that impressed the review committee enough to be accepted. What was originally meant by experimentation was to experiment with mediums to show that you're not afraid to try out different things. It's still a mystery to me why there are so many accepted portfolios witht that wacky stuff in it when I heard first hand from tons of people at the school that it's not what they're looking for. I'm trying to get a little more clarity on why they were accepted. I've heard that it's because those people were accepted on a more design oriented base because the review committee thinks that's what they're interested in most from what they see in their portfolios, when sometimes it's not. Are you applying this year?