Monday, May 25, 2009

First Post :O!

So I started up this blog about a month ago and to post my artwork on but i didn't post any cuz after setting everything up...i got bored lol. But I've decided to put it to good use and start posting some artwork. I'm coming to the end of grade 11 so come december, I'll be applying to Character Animation at California Institute of the Arts. So I'll be using this blog to post my efforts at a portfolio as the deadline for admissions slowly creeps closer.

I'm starting an 8-week full time animation program at Capilano University in July for my summer so im really stoked for the end of school!!! I'll probably post my work from that program as I go as well. Anyways I should probably post some artwork lol. These drawings are all from a gesture drawing session i went to on sunday. The rest of the drawings will be in another post cuz somethings acting weird on my computer cuz its a piece of crap PC.

1 (2 mins)
2 (2 mins)

3 (2 mins)
4 (2 mins)
5 (2 mins)

6 (2 mins)

7 (2 mins)

8 (2 min)

9 (2 mins)

10 (2 min)

11(30 seconds)

12 (2 mins)

13 (2 mins)

14(2 mins)

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